About us

The TALENTBRÜCKE – Software is a joint development of TALENTBRÜCKE GmbH & Co. KG and HRmatic GmbH.

TALENTBRÜCKE is responsible for the content development of the software, the test procedures and the various procedures. The distribution of the TALENTBRÜCKE software is also in the hands of TALENTBRÜCKE.

The programmatic development and implementation is in the hands of HRmatic GmbH. HRmatic GmbH is also the owner of the source code. It is also available for more detailed technical questions.

You can find out more about the history of the TALENTBRÜCKE on the homepage of the TALENTBRÜCKE (information is only available in German).

The history of the TALENTBRÜCKE software can be found here…

Information about HRmatic GmbH can be found at www.hrmatic.com.