TALENTBRÜCKE – Software: The software solution to support selection processes and to evaluate talents & potentials. Increased decision quality with less effort!

Every person has certain talents and potentials that differ in their level of development. This is the art of selection and personnel development processes. An often time-consuming process with limited prediction accuracy. Rarely are all aspects of talents and potentials brought together to form an overall picture.

Psychometric test procedures have been proven to deliver valid results, save time and are “selective”, i.e. they significantly increase the quality of forecasts. The prejudice is that their use is complicated and time-consuming to evaluate and difficult to interpret, which prevents many HR managers from using them.

The TALENTBRÜCKE – Software takes you the decisive step forward: automated evaluation and clear interpretations!

With the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software, everyone can integrate psychometric test procedures into their own procedures for employee selection or potential assessment and thus increase the forecasting quality.

You decide whether you want to use the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software as an add-on to your previous procedure or whether you want to integrate your procedures into the software.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Software: Flexibility in selection procedures and potential analyses

The TALENTBRÜCKE software is the first open solution with which classical interviews, observations in work samples and case studies, assessment tasks and especially psychometric test procedures provide an overall picture of talents and potentials. These are compared with the requirements at competence level. Open means that you are not restricted to a test battery specified by the manufacturer, but can integrate the methods you know or have tried and tested in your company into the evaluation.

The software already contains a series of useful and versatile test procedures and exercises as standard and can be supplemented at any time by further customer-owned or marketable test procedures, standardised interviews, work samples and assessment modules. You can put together the sets that meet your requirements.

It has never been easier to compile, carry out and evaluate your own assessments. Only the determined values have to be entered, the software does the rest. At the push of a button, the evaluation takes place within seconds and a clearly arranged, professionally designed result report is created. A flexible and individual presentation of results can be implemented with any combination of methods.

Knowing the potential and skills of the workforce is the key to the success of an organization in today’s and tomorrow’s world of work. The TALENTBRÜCKE – Software enables the use of test procedures for personnel selection (e.g. in the assessment center) and for potential analysis for everyone!

Whether work samples, psychometric test procedures or structured interviews, the best and most modern instruments for the selection and evaluation of employees can be used with the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software!

With the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software the time has come to increase the quality of personnel decisions!