TALENTBRÜCKE – Personality Questionnaire

The TALENTBRÜCKE personality questionnaire is a self-assessment tool in the field of social skills for adults. The self-assessment (formal version) can, for example, be compared with an external perception by observers in potential analyses.

Our group exercises and observation sheets based on MELBA are ideal for determining the external assessment!

Based on a total of 50 items, the following nine dimensions are recorded:

Endurance/frustration tolerance

The ability of a person to work in a concentrated manner even under difficult conditions or over a longer period of time is recorded.

Motivation/willingness to perform

The performance motivation scale captures the individual demands of the candidate on his own performance as well as the motivation to continuously improve his performance.


Interpersonal behaviour such as politeness and helpfulness are understood by manners.

Sense of responsibility/reliability

A sense of responsibility is the ability to take responsibility for oneself or other persons or objects or tasks. Reliability is the ability to act carefully and conscientiously.

Communication skills

Communication skills are the ability and willingness to communicate with other people, to establish and maintain contacts with them.

Conflict ability

The conflict ability scale covers the ability to conduct a dispute constructively and to counteract unnecessary conflicts in advance.

Critical faculties

Criticism describes the ability to deal with feedback from others and to give constructive feedback to others.


The ability to be independent describes the extent to which a person is able to make independent decisions and initiate actions on his own initiative.

Ability to work in a team

The ability to work in a team scale provides information on whether a person enjoys working on a task together with others. The prevailing attitude towards teamwork is recorded and whether the candidate sees obstacles to being able to integrate into a team.

The TALENTBRÜCKE – Personality Questionnaire is currently available in German, English and Spanish. Other languages are available on request.

The TALENTBRÜCKE – Personality Questionnaire is available for 1,10 Euro (excluding taxes) per sheet. The evaluation is carried out with the TALENTBRÜCKE software. Order here! (Excel form)

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