History – Development of TALENTBRÜCKE – Software

The TALENTBRÜCKE software is provided by TALENTBRÜCKE GmbH & Co. KG and has been successfully used for more than 10 years. Find out more about the history of the TALENTBRÜCKE here…

2005/2006 – Development and implementation of the first TALENTBRÜCKE software solution

The software was created with Microsoft Excel to support a large number of students with potential analyses. In 2006 it was used for approx. 2,700 students. At that time, there were no plans for other companies to use the software.

From 2008 – Further development of the software

Over the years, TALENTBRÜCKE has been approached with more and more potential analysis projects. The software had to be adapted accordingly. A separate software instance was required for each project.

From 2013 – The TALENTBRÜCKE – Software under license – Other software solutions

From 2013, TALENTBRÜCKE also offered its methods for potential analysis to other companies. In addition to providing all tests and exercises, this included intensive training right from the start. The TALENTBRÜCKE software was made available to the licensees.

Also in 2013, the evaluation software for the TALENTBRÜCKE career interest test was developed. This was offered on a USB stick which functioned as a dongle. Shortly afterwards, the evaluation software for the TALENTBRÜCKE questionnaire for training readiness appeared. The first foreign-language evaluations were also carried out in 2013.

2014 – International use

With the project „Your fist EURES job“ the TALENTBRÜCKE software was used for the first time in other European countries. In Spain and Greece, assessment centres were carried out with young people who were looking for training or a job in Germany. Subsequently, the software was also used in Portugal and Romania as part of the MobiProEU initiative.

2016 – Development of the new TALENTBRÜCKE – Software

With the goal of combining the various software solutions into a single, modular software, the new TALENTBRÜCKE software was developed from 2016. This was ready for use in the potential analysis from 1 August 2017. In the 2017/18 school year, it was used by a total of 12 companies for approx. 25,000 students.

From summer 2017, the modularity of the software was extended. Since then, test procedures and exercises from third parties can be integrated into the software. Users can also more easily customize reports to their own needs.

2018 – Multilingualism and integration of single tests

Since April 1, 2018 the TALENTBRÜCKE software is available in three languages (German, English and Spanish). It also replaces all previous software solutions for individual test procedures of TALENTBRÜCKE.

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