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Selection beyond gut instinct!  Discover the fields of application of the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software!

Work samples, structured interviews and psychometric test procedures are the most selective and objective methods for selection and development decisions. Use them in any combination with the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software.

The TALENTBRÜCKE – Software can combine different elements within the scope of development and selection procedures and combine them to an overall result. It does not matter whether these elements were developed in-house (e.g. interview guidelines, observer forms) or purchased from third parties (e.g. psychometric test procedures). With the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software there is finally a software that does not force you into a corset of prefabricated test batteries, but combines your proven instruments with psychologically valid procedures – take your development and selection decisions to a new level.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Software for Potential Analysis and Development Center

Within the scope of potential analyses and development processes, you can easily create your own test settings with TALENTBRÜCKE – Software and evaluate them in no time at all. You receive detailed individual reports for each participant as a basis for your personal feedback and potential development.

We would be happy to integrate your proven procedures into your talent bridge application and advise you on the use of test procedures or the creation of elements for your potential analysis or your development center.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Software for selection processes

An additional module extends the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software by the possibility not only to run evaluations on participant level but to let participants run against each other, against standard values or minimum values in order to support the selection process and to integrate more objectivity into the selection process.

The best source to find out who fits your organization is always the people you like to surround yourself with today. Therefore, the add-on module also allows you to generate your own standard values based on your own workforce and to benchmark applicants against them. We would be happy to support you in establishing this process!

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