Test procedures

The test procedures of the TALENTBRÜCKE

The TALENTBRÜCKE GmbH & Co. KG develops job-related test procedures. We are proud make these test procedures available to others. We currently offer the following tests and exercises.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Career Interest Survey

The TALENTBRÜCKE – Career Interest Survey is an empirically tested questionnaire for recording professional interests and is based on the theoretical basis of Dr. John L. Holland’s career choice model. With the help of the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software , an individual interest profile can be created. The TALENTBRÜCKE – Career Interest Survey is currently available in more than 20 languages.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Personality questionnaires

Four personality questionnaires are available:

  • TALENTBRÜCKE – Training Maturity Questionnaire N (for working with students and young adults)
  • TALENTBRÜCKE – Inventory of key professional competences (for working with adults in professional life)
  • TALENTBRÜCKE – Questionnaire on project-related stamina
  • TALENTBRÜCKE – Team role test

TALENTBRÜCKE – Motoric exercise

The TALENTBRÜCKE motoric exercise is an action-oriented procedure for the determination of fine motor skills. In addition, this wire bending exercise allows statements to be made about the working behaviour.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Test for Spatial Imagination

The TALENTBRÜCKE Spatial Imagination Test measures people’s ability to think and see spatially. The test contains three different task types. It consists of a reusable task booklet and additional answer sheets on which the tasks are solved.

TALENTBRÜCKE – Group exercises and observations

TALENTBRÜCKE develops group exercises for different target groups and projects. The observer arcs with defined behavior anchors allow an external assessment of different behavior dimensions. The TALENTBRÜCKE software displays the results graphically and, if necessary, compares them with a self-assessment. This can be determined e.g. by one of the TALENTBRÜCKE personality questionnaires.

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