Spatial imagination

The TALENTBRÜCKE –  Spatial Imagination Test measures people’s ability to think and see spatially. The theoretical basis of this test procedure are the works of Thurstone (1938), with his test of „Primary Mental Abilities“, Gittler (1990), which regards spatial imaginative power as „homogeneous latent capability dimensions“, Rost (1977) and Maier (1994).

The test consists of an instruction phase (10 minutes) and a processing phase (15 minutes). Written instructions and sample tasks make the instruction phase autodidactic. The subsequent processing phase comprises three subtests (folding tasks, area tasks, cube tasks), each with five tasks increasing in difficulty. The exercise books can be used several times, as the tasks are solved on an additional answer sheet.

A sample of n = 14,663 in 2017 was used to measure differentiated standard values.

All essential information in our brief overview (PDF file).

You receive the TALENTBRÜCKE Spatial Imagination Test for the price of 1,10 Euro (net) per answer sheet. Test books are available at a price of 5,00 Euro (net) per piece. The evaluation is carried out with a template and the TALENTBRÜCKE – Software.

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