Action-oriented – TALENTBRÜCKE – motoric exercise

The TALENTBRÜCKE – motoric exercise is action-oriented and represents a procedure for the determination of fine motor skills. In addition, this work-related performance test, which was developed on the basis of the wire bending test by Lienert (1976), allows statements to be made about working behaviour.

Motor skills are defined as a person’s ability to successfully deal with the environment through perception and movement. They refer to all control and functional processes that are responsible for the occurrence of movement actions. All motor processes are determined on the one hand by physiological conditions (e.g. muscle strength and endurance) and on the other hand by information processing processes in the brain. With the help of the TALENTBRÜCKE – motoric exercise the fine motor skills are determined.

The task is to bend a given figure out of a piece of wire within a fixed time. The evaluation is standardized with the help of a template. DIE TALENTBRÜCKE – Software shows the result for time and quality in the results report. The deposited standard values are taken from a sample of n = 14,663 from 2017.

All essential information in our brief overview (PDF file).

The TALENTBRÜCKE motoric exercise is available for 2€ (net) per unit. The evaluation is carried out with the TALENTBRÜCKE software.

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